Any Company That Needs World-Class Knowledge Documentation

We do content. We write it, manage it, make it pretty, and publish it.

Corporate trainers, franchise companies (franchisors, multi-unit franchisees), IT teams, HR departments, hotels, real estate investment and management companies, schools and school districts, retail chains, and government entities. 

We help anyone who has tried, and struggled, to manage their ever‑changing and growing content libraries, regardless of industry.

Basically, any brand that has the following challenges:

Multiple Audiences

Managers need high-level overviews, while staff needs detailed instructions. Customer service reps need additional information that isn’t appropriate to customers. You need to show more, or less, depending on your audience.

Multiple Authors

A single manual may have information from multiple departments, like finance, construction, sales, and IT. Each with a different voice, and maybe with a different frequency of updates. Governance of topics, versions, and change are important to maintaining documents.

Distributed Users

The laws and regulations for a standard policy might be different in Florida than they are in Texas. Weights and measures are different in Europe than in the U.S. With a little planning, and good technology, you can easily manage these differences.

Change Frequency

New companies, growing companies, change elements of processes and procedures more often than mature companies. Change is constant, and static documents don’t lend themselves to frequent changes. 


Similar to change frequency, growth happens more in newer companies. But mature brands acquire competitors, new products come online, and leaps in technology create radical change. Simply adding a new manual doesn’t help. You need to be able to scale.

Some Industry Specifics

While we do help any company that needs to manage their content, we’ve developed some deep expertise in the following industries:

We got our start doing franchise operations manuals for some start-up brands that have become world famous (ever heard of Moe’s Southwest Grill? We sat on barstools in the BOH of the very first Moe’s on Peachtree in Atlanta and wrote down every step of every process). We understand the franchise industry, and offer a comprehensive set of franchise solutions through our subsidiary, Manual Makers.

Our tech writers have helped with projects for some of the largest names in technology and social media. We understand how fast Silicon Valley moves and how critical it is to move with it, but also how to provide the stability and structure we’ve developed as a mature business. 

We’re certified women-owned and SAM-registered contractors for various public sector divisions. For our Capability Statement with CAGE codes and our offerings, check out our Public Sector services

We have first-hand experience as teachers, administrators, and in-school board governance to help you focus on what is most important.

We’re exact, because that is what your students, parents, and staff need from policies and procedures, and we’re flexible – because things change, and it shouldn’t be difficult.

We can even bring best practices from other schools and systems similar to yours.

Because of our specialization in creating beautiful documents/content on a variety of platforms we act as a back-office/outsourced agency for other professional services firms. If your consultants need help building beautiful templates they can then repurpose for their clients – or you need a content management system for distributed documents – we can help with that. As a certified women-owned business we can also help with supplier diversity if you’re a prime contractor. 

We help clients with regulatory policy development and maintenance. Our systems and knowledge of how to localize content against a universal standard allows us to successfully and efficiently handle the sometimes very slight differences in regulatory language from one jurisdiction to another.