Content Management Case Studies: 

How White Deer Group helps companies create, manage, and distribute their collective knowledge.

  • Operations manuals for emerging franchise companies
  • Franchise playbooks, guides, and manuals for mature brands
  • Content strategies for file sharing systems, like Dropbox, SharePoint, and Google Drive
  • Knowledge bases and intuitive search that returns the best answers, not just documents
Beginning a Franchise

Great businesses start with a vision and a great idea. Ashley Wainscott knew she had a good thing, but knew she wanted to grow and, one day, to franchise. That meant looking at her operations is a new way, streamlining and simplifying them so others could do more (and do it better). Her challenge was...where to begin?

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Managing a Company's Collective Knowledge

Resident care facilities have a unique challenge of combining the high standards of patient care, regulated both federally and at the state level, with the additional challenge of maintaining facilities and all aspects of residents' well-being. They are caregivers, hoteliers, chefs, and activities directors. This means a lot of processes, procedures, and protocols, all interconnected and with legal responsibilities. Managing these volumes of information, and tailoring them to each state, requires both strategy and technology.

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Franchise Operations Manual, or Brand Standards Guide?

It's not enough for a potential franchisee to "love your product" enough to want their own unit, they have to love the brand and embrace the culture. And they have to know what "done right" looks like. Our client found out early that there's more to a great BBQ concept than purchasing, storing, and smoking meat. If they wanted a consistent brand, they had to set expectations as to what a great brand looks like, not just what great BBQ tastes like.

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A Rural Youth Ministry Delivers Their Training Content Nationally

Crossroads Farm is an outsourced co-operative youth ministry located in Reading, Michigan, a rural area near the southern border of the state. For nearly 20 years, Crossroads Farm has been training youth and student leaders with the goal of positively impacting their rural communities by providing social, educational, spiritual, and relational opportunities. They had created a four-year training curriculum broken into nine monthly sessions each year, but the format, structure, and visual elements were inconsistent month to month. The ministry was ready to expand into multiple locations but lacked a polished, cohesive training platform that was functional for both trainers and students. That’s when they made the call to Manual Makers based on a referral from a trusted advisor.

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