Case Studies: Content Strategy and Management

Industries vary, but the challenges of documentation are the same everywhere.

  • How do we keep up with changes?
  • How can we make sure users don’t have old versions?
  • How can we create different versions for different audiences?
  • How can we give our users the tools they need to answer their own questions?
Simply Sold
A Home Remodeling Firm Prepares for Expansion

Simply Sold is a woman-run remodeling firm, providing a hand-tailored experience for homeowners that creates a safe environment for their vision and voice to be put first. Founded in 2013 in Austin, Texas, Simply Sold’s goal is to simplify the process of selling a home by providing homeowners with a project management team, who thoroughly plans and coordinates each project with a team of vetted subcontractors in a timely, well-communicated manner. To increase efficiency and productivity at their headquarters, and to prepare the company to franchise, CEO and Founder Ashley Wainscott knew they needed a concise manual covering all their systems, operations, and processes. Although she was referred to a few companies for the project, Ashley chose White Deer Group because of “The expertise, the knowledge and the ideas brought to the table.” She also enjoyed “the team in place and all the processes I was so eloquently guided through. We had no idea what to do, and they made it seamless and simple.”

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A Charter School Revises and Restructures Their Policy Documentation

As a center of community education excellence, Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School is committed to providing students with an innovative and personalized education experience, but the school needed to improve the organization and coherence of its policy documents. They wanted to create an online, searchable policy guide; as it would be available to families of students, employees, and the general public, it needed to be both easy to navigate and understand. The school had already worked with Manual Makers’ co-founder, Michelle Newcome, for years through pro bono projects, and as they found her to be both professional and detail-oriented, the board selected Manual Makers for this project.

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A Rural Youth Ministry Delivers Their Training Content Nationally

Crossroads Farm is an outsourced co-operative youth ministry located in Reading, Michigan, a rural area near the southern border of the state. For nearly 20 years, Crossroads Farm has been training youth and student leaders with the goal of positively impacting their rural communities by providing social, educational, spiritual, and relational opportunities. They had created a four-year training curriculum broken into nine monthly sessions each year, but the format, structure, and visual elements were inconsistent month to month. The ministry was ready to expand into multiple locations but lacked a polished, cohesive training platform that was functional for both trainers and students. That’s when they made the call to Manual Makers based on a referral from a trusted advisor.

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A Feels-Like-Family BBQ Restaurant Expands Their Footprint

Smokey Mo’s is an award-winning family owned and operated BBQ restaurant. Founded in 2000 in Cedar Park, TX, Smokey Mo (Morris Melchor) and family quickly grew the business to serve numerous locations throughout central Texas, built on a focus of family, faith, and community. With seven corporate-owned restaurants, as well as eight franchise-owned and one affiliate, the business was ready to expand further, but needed to create comprehensive and appealing operations manuals for both the corporate and franchise locations. These manuals would include much of the same information yet reserve some material just for corporate and some for the franchise restaurants. After Franchise Manager Anthony Lucero discussed their needs with Manual Makers’ Account Manager Erin O’Brien at the 2018 IFA Conference in Phoenix, he decided to get in touch about starting the project.

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