Franchises need replicable procedures that reinforce the strength of their brand and protect the franchisor/franchisee relationship.

Building a flexible system

How you view your operations, marketing, and employee manuals has a lot to do with whether you’re in the early stages, an established franchisor, or a large operator (international, multiple brands, thousands of units).

Early-stage concepts often view an operations manual as a legal hoop to jump through, but savvy operators know that good documentation is as much a sales tool as their franchise brochure. Larger operators know that frequent changes, multiple brands, regional differences, and other factors mean that process and efficiency are keys to consistency.

Different groups have different needs. Our methodology and systems scale from just a few units to thousands, but the philosophy is the same for everyone: build a flexible system that accommodates change.

Emerging Stage
  • Focus is on Creation
  • Legal requirement
  • Processes known, but unrefined
  • Vendors and suppliers uncomplicated
  • Document management and distribution are uncomplicated
  • Focus is on Management
  • Some processes mature
  • New challenges require new standards
  • Training extends to new managers and employees
  • Document management more complex, distribution needs and options increase
  • Focus is on Management and Distribution
  • Mature brand standards
  • Processes refined
  • First generation units different than most recent units
  • Need for more consistent training
  • Document management and distribution require continual care

Emerging Stage

We’ll get you going in the right direction with a basic manual, but we’ll also make sure you’re ready for what comes next. You shouldn’t have to start over when your franchise grows. Our system builds on a foundation to grow with you.

  • Standardized operations manuals (stock modules to get you to market quickly)
  • Training guides (manager, employee)
  • Employee manuals
  • Quick reference guides (menu builds; maintenance calendars; opening, mid-day, and closing checklists)
  • Audits: checklists for marketing, site selection, and HR liability
  • Coaching: planning for the future, risk mitigation, and best practices

Growth Stage

Teaching, coaching, and managing 20 units is different than five units, and it requires more precision, flexibility, and tools. Growth means gaining efficiency in some areas, but it also means legacy procedures for some units. In some ways, you’re documenting your business as it is today, and as it was 2 years ago. Your franchise partners are likely more experienced, your vendors more diverse, and your internal team has more units to serve.

  • Customized operations manuals, closely tailored to your unique processes
  • Brand guides
  • Construction and Vendor guides (you have more than just franchise partners to manage now)
  • Training guides and ‘Train the Trainer’ programs to leverage your content
  • Document management to account for change and growth
  • Monthly coaching to scale quickly and manage change
  • Marketing and Real Estate tools to standardize


Your processes and vendor networks are more mature, and you are probably courting a more sophisticated franchise partner. Your manuals and documents are no longer just a legal requirement, they represent your brand to people who are accustomed to working with mature brands. This stage requires more attention to detail, and speaks to a wider audience.

  • Documentation Audits: remove redundancy and inconsistency, mitigate risk, leverage content, and improve efficiency
  • Custom document creation
  • Document change management services and maintenance calendars
  • Content distribution, e-learning, and self-service options
  • Print, PoS, and web-based document access and distribution
  • User rights management
  • Custom app development, crisis scenario planning, and business readiness communication
No matter what stage you’re in we can help your franchise grow the right way.

Your systems should build on themselves from one stage to the next, always planning for change and managing the old along with the new. 

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