Business Operations Playbooks

Business operations processes and procedures

Break Down Siloes

Knowledge workers spend nearly ten hours per week (1.8 hours per day) searching for the information they need in order to perform their work. Distributed workers and uneven work schedules (teacher by day, working at night) have made this even worse. Streamlined processes make it easier to onboard new employees and cross-train backups for those who make your trains run on time.

Pains Relieved: Consistent training and reference material; efficient knowledge sharing; less time spent searching for answers

Gains Achieved: Streamlined processes; business continuity planning; information base for a distributed workforce

Retain Core Knowledge

Business continuity and succession planning are things smart business owners plan for, especially at the top of the organization. Very few, however, extend this same planning to their key knowledge holders. How much of your process is documented? How likely is it that things run smoothly because the person in charge of any process is good at what they do? What is the plan if one of those people wins the lottery? We help businesses document their core knowledge so the person in charge can take a day off.

Build Resiliency

Change happens – competitive forces, floods, changing customer tastes. Pandemics. And when change happens you’ll find ways to adapt, pivot, and improve so you keep up. This is when having written contingency plans and processes – for a suddenly remote work force, for example – makes companies more resilient because siloes have been removed, and company knowledge has been shared (or at least is accessible).

Share Knowledge

It’s not just basic office policies and procedures that need to be documented. Departmental best practices, playbooks, and case studies make onboarding new team member easier, and prevent existing members from re-creating the wheel. But this kind of knowledge base also encourages growth by building on what is already there. This can’t happen if every challenge is always a new one. 

We help small companies streamline processes, and then document their collective knowledge to increase productivity.

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