Online Knowledge Base

Keyword search all of your documents, remove old versions

Simplify Search

It’s easier than you think to convert all of your manuals and playbooks, processes and protocols, into a searchable, online knowledge base. Natural language search is far more user-friendly than file/directory searches, and you get better results faster.

You can also provide Instant Answers to your most commonly searched items, right in the search results.

The power of web search for only your company’s information. Give your teams instant access to all of your company’s product, process, and policy information, no matter where they are.

Intuitive Search

Use natural search to find information, not just keywords. It’s how all major search engines work, and the results pages give you a natural language result (‘Dress Code’ instead of HR_Policy_UniDressCode-0820 v.1b) and a description to help choose between the options. More than 60% of company file sharing systems is old or unusable content, a problem highlighted by keyword search, instead of natural.

Fresher, More Accurate Results

Online knowledge bases search topics, not keywords, giving a higher degree of confidence to the results. Pages are ranked just like on commercial search engines, and you can optimize pages based onĀ your business. You can also add “Last Update: ” and “Topic Owner: ” to your results, giving at-a-glance information users need in order to determine which result is right for them.

Instant Answers

Our search goes deeper than page title and description to return direct answers to your most frequently searched for terms. While the top search result might be a page on Proper Cleaning Methods, a search for “how to clean a chimney” can return step-by-step instructions for cleaning a chimney. Change ‘chimney’ to ‘stove’ and produce a different answer. Display checklists, images, infographics, and video as answers to questions to create Instant Answers (that improve over time).

We create online knowledge bases that make users more productive by saving them up to ten hours per week searching for information they need to do their jobs.

We’d love to help you build an online knowledge base so your users have answers at their fingertips.

Let’s discuss your goals and see if there’s a way to make them happen.

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