Is Your Business Documentation an Asset?
Or a Liability?

For some brands business documentation and knowledge management are just necessary evils. But static manuals and process documents can inhibit your growth, increase training costs, expose you to lawsuits, and erode your brand. 

We take a different approach by helping brands grow with world-class content strategy and business documentation. White Deer Group helps you turn your Content Chaos into Beautiful OrderSM.


  • Fast, accurate: Change once, change everywhere
  • Searchable: Online knowledge base, with full search capability
  • Controlled: Governance and version control
  • Specific: Localize by state, country, or unit type
  • Efficient: Role-specific training guides and tools
  • Flexible: Growth and change are expected
  • On-brand: Don’t just show your brand, train it
  • Drive profit: Yes. Really.


  • Labor intensive: Repeated content, same update in multiple places
  • Risk: Users have old versions
  • Inaccurate: Unable to tailor to local laws/regulations
  • Inefficient: One-size fits all for training, a three-ring binder lost on a shelf
  • Inflexible: Company growing faster than you can keep up

You can’t grow and perfect your business if your documentation never changes.

You can’t scale if your training and reference materials can’t keep up.

What We Do

We write, manage, and publish your business documentation and knowledge materials so your users get the right information, at the right time, in the format they need. That means responsively designed, platform-neutral, personalized, site-specific, and “write-once, change everywhere”.

We give your users the tools they need to train and protect your brand.

Order from Chaos

Extend your branding to your business documentation.

Presentation matters. Your audience judges whether or not they can trust you based on how your business documents function. You earn credibility with well‑organized, tightly‑written, and purpose‑driven content.

Manage Your Library

Content management across all of its sources.

Managing multiple business documents, various subject matter experts, and differentiated users requires solid governance and process. Manage your content – don’t let it manage you.

The Right Message

Information booth for knowledge base

“People read so they can ‘do’.” Your manuals aren’t being read cover to cover, and that’s ok. What’s important is that teams get the information they need, when they need it. Can they find what they need with natural language search? Do they have the latest version? Can they read a checklist, then watch a video on the same page?


Our Business Documentation Services

Content Management and Strategy for business documentation

Content Strategy

Improve accuracy, increase engagement, and future-proof your business documents against growth, changes, and new technology.

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Business documentation and content strategy

Business Operations Playbooks

Improve compliance, training, and employee self-service with fully-documented processes and procedures. We create, manage, and index your processes so you can change and grow -- and maybe even take a vacation.

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Business documentation and content strategy are critical for all franchise systems

Franchise Manuals & Playbooks

We have an extensive library of topics and tables of contents for any type of franchise company. We provide everything from basic starter manuals for emerging brands, to process design and content strategy for growing brands, to online knowledge bases for mature brands and multi-concepts.

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Business documentation is the basis for training programs

Online Knowledge Bases

Your company's strength is its years of experience, and the more you document and share the knowledge you've gained the better you serve your customers. Enable Instant Answers and full-topic search to give your teams the information they need, when they need it.

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Business documentation – or knowledge-content –  is a core asset of your business.

Helping you measure, manage, and improve your content is our business.

Who We Help

We’re focused on content: creating it, managing it, scaling it, and publishing it to support your team and your brand. If you’ve tried, and struggled, to manage a library of business documentation, it doesn’t matter to us what industry you’re in, we can help. 

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