It doesn’t do any good to create content if you don’t publish it, too. The publishing media, of course, depends on your audience and your objective, but being able to do it only one way won’t cut it. We give you options.

Print / PDF

A beautiful operations manual from a brand that only has one unit goes a long way toward impressing a multi-unit operator, who’ve seen a few. Word docs, PDFs, large print runs (and drop shipping) – old-school is still necessary sometimes.


Whether producing paperbacks you can hold or eBooks to download, we are a unique publishing house that gives experts – on everything from healthy recipes to being a smart-aleck, from dachshund care to corporate sales/account management – a voice and a platform. How2Conquer (H2C) is a niche player with a big impact.

Online Knowledge Bases

Give your users the information they need, when they need it, in the format in which they need it. We build searchable, online knowledge bases for your teams to reference information in a hurry, no matter where they are. Fully responsive manuals and guides, right at their fingertips. No more outdated manuals.