Business Resiliency

Documenting your plans for business resiliency are a critical part of being ready for anything. We help by working with you to understand your challenges and then produce and manage plans and documents for everyone from your C-Suite to your employees. 

The quality of your business resiliency policies and content dictates your ability to still be in business once the incident is over. 

Pains Relieved: Improved protection of assets, clients, customers, employees, and reputation

Gains Achieved: Prevention and mitigation; confidence in a crisis

Tame Your Content

It’s typical for business resiliency and security documentation to be spread out across many files, often with redundant, outdated, conflicting, or incomplete information. By pulling your documentation into a centralized repository powered by a content management system, you can push out standardized content while tailoring it to the specifics of each site or team. 

Resiliency Plans and Programs

We develop plans that move seamlessly through operational best practices for preventing and preparing for business disruptions. We specialize in plans that are beautiful enough for your C-Suite and also actionable by your facilities team. 

Employee-Facing Printed Materials

We work with your experts or provide our own to write, design, produce, print, and distribute employee-facing emergency and resiliency materials. We can help with:

  • Badge cards
  • Posters
  • Electronic kiosk campaigns
  • OSHA-compliant Employee Emergency Action Plan

Security Protocols and Standards

When you’re building a security program, you’ve got so much to pull together. Protocols. Standards. Post orders. We’ve developed all of these with companies in every stage of their life cycles, from startups in managed space to established organizations looking to standardize across dozens of locations. We also manage translations for these critical documents that need to be in your user’s native language. 

Give your team easy access to the resources they need to keep your site safe and secure, whether it’s wiring and lighting standards for the building or step-by-step instructions for responding to an incident. We organize your information, lay it out logically, and coordinate printing and posting to your internal systems.

Emergency Response Guides

We can help build and distribute guides for all types of facilities and teams. We’ve produced everything from beautiful emergency flipbooks for a 3500-unit retail system to culinary emergency response guides for a multi-concept restaurant franchise system. We also produce safety warden and fire warden guides for your employees who are part of your emergency response program. 

Consulting Services

If what you need is a complete service to build not just your content, but also your entire program including tabletop exercises, functional drills, and full resiliency practices, we consult through:

Risk and Business Continuity Software Content Support

Our team understands that resiliency documentation is sometimes best managed on a platform. We provide content management for implementations of various software programs and can even help evaluate which best suits your needs and your actual content. We’ve had experience helping clients with the following systems:

We’ll help you make business resiliency your reality.

Your systems should build on themselves from one stage to the next, always planning for change and managing the old along with the new. 

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