Simply Sold
Ashley Wainscott : CEO and Founder
Simply Sold needed an operations manual that could be used in both their headquarters and future franchise locations. While they had developed service contracts, vendor agreements, and brief articles on process and guidelines, they had never put together an operations manual. We worked with Simply Sold to record their systems, operations, and processes, and then organized them in a comprehensive, polished document.

Simply Sold

Simply Sold is a woman-run remodeling firm, providing a hand-tailored experience for homeowners that creates a safe environment for their vision and voice to be put first. Founded in 2013 in Austin, Texas, Simply Sold’s goal is to simplify the process of selling a home by providing homeowners with a project management team, who thoroughly plans and coordinates each project with a team of vetted subcontractors in a timely, well-communicated manner. To increase efficiency and productivity at their headquarters, and to prepare the company to franchise, CEO and Founder Ashley Wainscott knew they needed a concise manual covering all their systems, operations, and processes. Although she was referred to a few companies for the project, Ashley chose White Deer Group because of “The expertise, the knowledge and the ideas brought to the table.” She also enjoyed “the team in place and all the processes I was so eloquently guided through. We had no idea what to do, and they made it seamless and simple.”

“The problem was we needed a manual in order to replicate our business in other cities, but we did not have a clue where to begin. We knew it was a large undertaking and we needed professionals who knew exactly what to do. White Deer Group provided a simple, effective process that could get us from point A to point Z.”
Ashley Wainscott, CEO and Founder, Simply Sold

Better with Bootcamp

“This was a one-on-one business bootcamp. I was forced to think through all my internal and external components and factors that I had not had time or the capacity to review before. It changed how I operated my business and how I perceived the company overall.”
Ashley Wainscott, CEO and Founder, Simply Sold

Ashley Wainscott flew to Atlanta to discuss the project with White Deer Group, so we could begin documenting their processes and design a structure for the manual that would work best for the company. Ashley appreciated how efficient and effective the bootcamp was; she admits, “If I had not devoted my time to going there and spending several days solely working on it, it would have been a very long and exhausting process for me. I needed to be there in person with the team and thoroughly think through each section.”

Although the manual we were producing was primarily intended for franchise locations, it would also need to serve the headquarters of Simply Sold. With our content management software, MadCap Flare, we knew we could generate multiple file outputs, enabling Ashley and her team to use the operations manual in both print and digital form. With this powerful tool, we could also create an appealing and concise design.

Simply Sold primarily collaborated with White Deer Group remotely after the bootcamp. Using our online platforms, Ashley says she found it easy to communicate with the team and navigate the project management software. In this way, Simply Sold was able to remain aware of the project’s progress and provide information and feedback as needed.

Ready to Grow

With a comprehensive operations manual, Simply Sold is prepared to expand their business with franchise locations, as well as to increase productivity in their own headquarters. Ashley feels the experience of creating it with White Deer Group was indispensable, noting that anyone in a similar situation “would be missing out on successes without going through this process.” “I felt a connection with the team. I could tell everyone I worked with actually cared about my end product, and I was not just another client making a manual,” she says. “It was a very customized process. I enjoyed the attention and attention to detail.”

Ashley’s vision to push for higher industry standards and bridge the disconnect between realtors, contractors, and homeowners began during her struggle to project manage the renovation and sale of her own mother’s house. With 12 employees and over 1,400 renovation projects completed, Simply Sold is a thriving business. Now having preserved their systems and processes in a polished, functional operations manual, Simply Sold is poised to continue developing.

“We produced a badass manual with the White Deer team that we feel confident about.”
Ashley Wainscott, CEO and Founder, Simply Sold

Note: The Simply Sold project was originally done through Manual Makers, our previous brand name.